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Trident provides other home inspection services which are outlined below.

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Wind Mitigation

During a Wind Mitigation Inspection, our certified inspector looks for key wind-resistant features that your home may have installed to help reduce the amount of damage your home may suffer during a hurricane or tropical storm. We will verify how the roof is attached to the exterior walls of the home and how the roof sheathing is secured to the roof system.

Florida passed a law in 2005 requiring insurance companies to offer discounts for homes that had wind mitigation features. A benefit of having a wind mitigation inspection done on your home, is to see what potential insurance savings you can currently get on your home and that helps you save on your homeowners insurance premium.

4 Point Inspection

Insurance companies are reluctant to insure older homes (usually homes 25 years old or older) due to their potential to be more costly to insure. Therefore a 4 Point inspection can alleviate those concerns.

A 4 Point inspection covers the 4 main components of a house:

1. HVAC Systems

2. Electrical Wiring and Panel

3. Plumbing Fixtures & Connections

4. Roof. If any of these components fail then they could cause either fires or water damage to the home.

A 4 point inspection does not take the place of a Home Inspection. A Trident Certified 4 Point Inspection will examine all 4 components of the house, identify any problems and give recommendations on what steps are needed to fix any issues.

Pool Inspection

If the house you are purchasing or selling has a pool, sometimes your home inspection will not include the pool as part of that inspection. At Trident, our Certified Inspectors have the expertise and knowledge to conduct pool inspections in Palm Beach County. The inspection we conduct is an overall evaluation of the safety features and functionality of the pool and its components.

After that, we will give a detailed inspection report which will highlight anything of concern that was found during the inspection and outline any repairs that are required in the pool due to damage, defects, non-functional electrical units, or age. Get a Trident Certified pool inspection for your new home in Palm Beach County.

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